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Burn Rate and Runway (Appendix Slide)

Simply put, burn rate is just a quick way to measure how fast your startup is losing cash. It’s the rate of negative cash flow, usually quoted as a monthly rate, but in some crisis situations, it might be measured in weeks or even days. Learn more.

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Business model viability metrics (CAC, LTV and more) – Appendix Slide

When it comes measuring the viability of your business model, the metrics that investors look at are your CAC and LTV. If the cost of acquiring customers (CAC) turns out to be higher than expected, and exceeds the ability to monetize your customers (LTV) , then the failure of your startup is imminent. Learn more.

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Churn and Retention Rates (Appendix Slide)

Churn rate is a metric that tracks the percentage of customers who deactivate or cancel to the subscription of your product or stop your service within a given time period. Find out how to use it within your pitch deck to explain your startup better to your investors.

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Your Team, Your Real Unfair Advantage – Pitch Deck Tips and Tricks

For most early stage investors, it’s important that the pitch starts with a team slide. That’s how they get a better sense of who’s sitting across the table from them. They want to know what’s your experience and expertise in the industry or sector you are pitch in. In other words, it helps them to contextualise the upcoming slides.

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Lawyers Are Just Umpires.

Your lawyers are umpires, they are not playing with you in the field. If you need sound advice, find experienced advisors with good business acumen.

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